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This is a story about
Three brothers with a mission to innovate and change the watch industry

Redefining the watch industry since 2012Stockholm - Sweden

We started WALDOR & CO. with a vision to redefine the watch industry and produce luxury watches and accessories accessible to all. Our approach is simple; we remove anything that doesn’t add value, and invest in what does. Offering high-quality watches and accessories, free of compromise, featuring exquisite design and functionality, at prices far below those of traditional watch brands.

23rd of September 2013
Date of launch
+35 000
Number of products sold
+30 000
Happy Customers

Innovative Distribution

True craftmanship

We believe high-quality craftsmanship should be accessible to all. By building strong relationships with the best factories, cutting out the middleman, and selling our watches and accessories directly through our website we’re able to bring our customers exceptional products at dramatically lower prices.

From Sweden with Love

Stockholm, Sweden

All of our watches and accessories are designed and assembled in Sweden. Growing up in the minimalist mecca, the Swedish aesthetic- timeless design, craftsmanship and a strong emphasis on functionality- is in our DNA. The meeting between our Swedish heritage and Swiss watch tradition combines the best of both worlds. 

Designed to Last

It's all in the details

Our attention to detail and passion for watches and accessories is reflected in everything we do. We take pride in creating lasting timepieces and accessories with an effortless style. Good is never enough; we’re always striving for greatness, listening to our customers and incrementally improving our products over time. We find deep satisfaction in bringing our truly fine timepieces and accessories to the world.

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